Started from the Bottom, Now We’re Here

Looking back at my Pre-PR reflections, it is fascinating to see how much breadth and depth my perceptions have expanded when it comes to public relations. “Public Relations is all about image”. This was the opening sentence of my initial perceptions of public relations blog post. Public Relations is so much more than that. While … More Started from the Bottom, Now We’re Here

Marketing and Public Relations, Name a more Iconic Duo. I’ll Wait.

The difference in Marketing and Public Relations can be handsomely summed up in the bindings of our CAP 220 textbook as “sales-oriented” vs “relationship-oriented” (Wilcox, Cameron, Reber & Shin, 2013).  This basically means marketing focuses on the sales parts of an interaction aka “making the sale”. This is in contrast to the Public Relations viewpoint … More Marketing and Public Relations, Name a more Iconic Duo. I’ll Wait.

Why Research At All?

Research is the number one most important part of any project that appeals to a customer base. Although sometimes certain research can be deemed “invasive” or “unethical” by many, the use of research at all is so imperative. The point of research is analyzing the target demographic you’re looking to reach. Through this, research allows you to … More Why Research At All?

Pre-PR Reflections

To me, Public Relations has everything to do with image. Either creating, maintaining or saving the image of a person, product of business. The terms image and brand are interchangeable in this scenario. PR is special to me because I think, no I KNOW that it is essential to any successful image or brand. I think … More Pre-PR Reflections