4 Months Later… Look at me now

For anyone who still manages to check on this blog (hi mom), I am back with more insight than ever. This past semester has been the most difficult, stressful but most of all, rewarding semester of my entire college career. Biggest takeaway? I should come back to this blog instead of simply journaling, it is 2017 and we are, after all, in the digital era.

I would like to briefly summarize what I have been hand writing the past few months. PR IS ESSENTIAL! What a time to be a public relations student in the United States. In my Public Relations Management and Cases course, we have come across a wide variety of case studies ranging from Media Relations, Investor Relations (finally know what an IPO is and can keep up in a convo with the big dogs) all the way to Crisis Communications. From this, there were key consistencies that the PR Pros are required to do in order to make their efforts successful. First and foremost, transparency is essential in all Public Relations. Remaining transparency is the only way to put a client’s best foot forward without receiving criticism from outside parties. Through keeping the audience updated on all efforts being made, the PR pro is forming a trusting relationship between the client and customer, which will hopefully be long-lasting. In addition, one of the more subtle lessons I have learned about PR is the timeliness of communication and how important it is to be on the offensive rather than the defensive. These are two key insights that have expanded my understanding of the PR world immensely after seeing it in application and finally understanding how a PR Pro should handle a situation. Not directed at any airline whatsoever.

Now this information was all from ONE CLASS, and I’m taking four more of these. From Fundamentals of Advertising with Ad God Frank Blossom, I have learned to think strategically and outside of the box. Everything serves a purpose and fully understanding that purpose should be what drive its advertising efforts.  Frank has taught that hard work pays off and after enrolling in his course, the way I interact with advertisements is much more consciously. By this I mean, when I see an advertisement, I make note of how I interact with it, whether it was meant to target me or someone else and how the ad went about doing so.

I am also enrolled in a Fundamentals of Graphic Design course for the semester. This class has brought out a creative nature in me that has been applied to many aspects of my life: my writing, creative problem-solving, communication and appreciation of the world. I have also learned how to use two seemingly daunting design programs, InDesign and Adobe Illustrator to create art that I thought only the professionals could. This class has improved my confidence in my work and given me a fresh perspective.

The other two classes I am taking are Spanish classes and my Spanish continues to get better everyday so I will consider that “un exito”.

My skills this semester have been refined to the sharpest they have been while also adding a few new party tricks to the belt. With this, I am excited for the opportunities and endeavors in which I get take the knowledge of the classroom and apply it in true Amandari fashion: with enthusiasm and as much humility as possible. As much as I complain about the stress of school, I am eternally grateful for the education I am receiving and will continue to pursue academic success and rewarding opportunities in my field. Eager is the only emotion I can think of when it comes to seeing what my fourth year of college has in store. Bring it on.


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