Started from the Bottom, Now We’re Here

Looking back at my Pre-PR reflections, it is fascinating to see how much breadth and depth my perceptions have expanded when it comes to public relations. “Public Relations is all about image”. This was the opening sentence of my initial perceptions of public relations blog post. Public Relations is so much more than that. While image is definitely a key component, public relations is also about relationship building, collaboration and creative problem-solving amongst a multitude of other ideas.

Public Relation is involved in so many other fields. From the variety of guest speakers in class, my mind was truly opened up to how much other departments and fields truly need PR. From Stephanie Rice, I learned how important PR is to a multitude of different products from the automotive industry to the Pure Michigan campaigns (Rice, S. n.d. Personal Communication). In addition, I learned how important it is to develop relationships within the world of public relations as well as journalism and advertising seeing that they are all so intertwined. Through building a network, these people within these fields utilize each other and benefit each other’s work. This was so fascinating to me.

When looking back at my original post about PR, I utilized the quote, “Public Relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics,” not until listening to professionals talk about their relationships did I truly understand what this meant (Smith, 2013).

In addition, I still am an avid Samantha Jones fan (while I consider myself a Miranda.) Although I knew that PR in Sex and the City was portrayed much more glamorously, I did not realize exactly how much work was put in place. For example, you never see Samantha Jones performing secondary research at 3 AM. This was learned through the campaign assignment. This assignment showed be how much behind the scene works is put in place. As described by Adrienne Wallace, PR maven, “People in PR are the ones behind the scenes, pulling the strings”. (Wallace, A. December 8, 2016. personal communication.) This is not something Samantha Jones seems content with. PR professionals put in the most elbow grease, without being the face to the name. This idea seems less glamorous than initially anticipated but much more satisfying.


Smith, Ron (2013). Public Relations: The Basics. Retrieved from



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