Social Media Opinion Piece

When it comes to social media, I consider myself a mild expert. As an avid user of what I refer to as “the holy trinity” (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). I believe I have almost mastered the aspect of being a social media consumer. I believe this is how a majority of the population uses social media, to interact with friends and absorb information about certain people, places or things.  However since social media has become such a hub of interaction and online traffic, I believe social media has recently become an advertiser’s paradise. Think about it, what is the easiest way to reach a large audience who have already disclosed what they are interested in? I believe not there is not only the consumer, but now also the advertisers appealing to these consumers.

According to AdvertisingAge, social media has been transformed completely in just the past fifteen years (2016). Branding was much more personal and almost intimate. People would market in a personal way to directly with human beings. However, this has grown into something much bigger. Social Media Marketing is defined as “is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites” (Trattner 2013). I think comparing these 2 ideas is enough. Connecting with human beings vs gaining website traffic. I believe social media, marketing specifically, has become immensely less personal and a lot more generic. Although this does reach an immensely larger mass with social media marketing being projected to generate $11 billion in revenue, I personally pay far less attention to these adds seeing that they are coming from computers and not actual people I follow branding and marketing their products (Karr 2014).

Although this clearly seems to be an effective way to generate a profit, the obvious end goal of a business, I believe this upturn in marketing on social media has turned off many to the use of it.


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