Digital Analytics Certification

In this assignment we were asked to become certified in Digital Analytics in the Google Analytics Program. With this certification there was a series of steps needed to be taken before I could take the final evaluation. The first was familiarizing myself with what Google Analytics actually is. From what I gathered, Google Analytics is a way to obtain data and track data from your website traffic. This technology is primarily used in advertising and marketing to track and follow trends.  After this familiarization, we were allowed to take the Digital Analytics Assessment.  Pictured below is my score, screen-shot-2016-04-20-at-11-33-24-pm-1

Karaca, A. (2016). Score of Google Analytics Individual Qualifications [Screenshot]. Retrieved from

I really enjoyed this assignment and not only because this skill will look great on my LinkedIn! This assignment has taught me a lot of what really goes into the analytics of web traffic. Along with the general processes, Becoming familiar with the terminology seems beneficial to me as well. Know through knowing all these specific terms and what they mean as well as how digital analytics function, I believe I will prove to be efficient and professional in the workplace with this knowledge.


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