Future of my CAP105 Blog

I came into this semester with a very closed-mind about the idea of keeping an updated blog, however through not only expressing myself through different technological apparatuses, but analyzing them after on this blog, I have a newfound appreciation for branding ones-self. I have learned more about my personal “brand” and how I want to be represented through acquiring the skills it takes to add my creativity and ideas into a plethora of different mediums. This blog has become the hub of my creativity in technology and represents my brand as ideally as I would like it to. Although I may not necessarily keep all of my goofy projects on here, I plan to update it with more experience in technology pertaining to advertising and public relations specifically. In addition I also plan to upload a resume. The only concern I would have about this blog is the maintenance. I worry that I might not update it as regularly as I should due to other distractions but I believe if I keep with the motivation I have for it right now, I will maintain it and update it regularly.


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