Infographic Assignment

For my infographic project I decided to create an infograph using PiktoChart on how to make a Facebook Event. This includes, showing where to go on the website, adding information and sharing this content on Facebook through inviting friends. untitled-infographic

I decided to use Facebook as my platform for 2 major reasons, the first reason is that Facebook is the most commonly known and widely used form of social media. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re reaching everyone, you are reaching a very large population through using Facebook. Another reason I chose Facebook, and Facebook events particularly was because I am the Public Relations chair of my sorority, meaning I handle all of the social media on my sorority’s behalf. This includes Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and most importantly, Facebook. I use Facebook events to promote upcoming events or PR tables to other Grand Valley Students. What’s so nice about Facebook events is how user-friendly it is to create and share one!


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