Photoshop Assignment


For this photoshop assignment, we were required to add or remove an element of an image and apply a filter. What was so fun about this assignment was the liberation given with the direction we take. For my assignment personally, I took a photo of Kanye West at the YEEZY Season 3 Line Fashion Show in Madison Square Garden and added myself into the photograph to resemble my presence amongst Kanye and his “clique”. To add myself into the photo, I needed to create a new layer, insert the photograph I chose into this layer and carefully erased the background. I began my editing by brightening, increasing saturation and hue solely in the layer with the picture of myself to match the coloring of the background picture more closely. Then, I applied the Diffuse Glow filter  which gave my photo a softer glow and look in contrast to all the bold colors. Along with applying the filter, I adjusted the lighting, saturation and contrast of the photo overall with the SmartFilter tool. Below I have attached the two pictures used to create my final Photoshop masterpiece.

I chose to pair these two photographs because what Kanye fan’s dream come true isn’t to be standing next to him while he not only released his new fashion line, but also releasing his new album “The Life of Pablo“publicly for the first time?  I have been a Kanye West fan since 2005 when I heard his second LP “Late Registration”. Kanye West has continued to prove himself as one of the most talented and creative artists of our generation. Despite his reputation for being arrogant, outspoken and ignorant, Kanye West inarguably is one of the greatest rappers of all time and deserved to be recognized as a voice and legendary musician of our generation.


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